Fic List

This is a list of all my fics.
Most are Slash, sorry, but I'm a slashaholic.
Some are incomplete so bear with me please.

Complete = **
WIP = ^

Across The Universe
- I Wanna Hold Your Hand** - Jude/Max (FRK+), slash
- Music Drabble-on**-  Jude/Max (FRK+), slash, mentions of het

CSI: Miami/CSI: NY
  - Danny/Speed & Eric/Danny/Speed - What Hurts You The Most Pains Me The Least ^
    (FRAO), slash, threesome
     - Chapter 1

CSI Miami

- Back At Your Door ^
  - Speed/Delko  (FRT), slash
- You Said No ** - Speed/Delko  (FRT), slash
Those Three Words ** - Speed/Delko  (FRT), slash
- Seasons of Loneliness **- Speed/Delko   (FRT), slash
- Unbidden Recollection **- Eric/Speed/Horatio  (FRM), slash, threesome
- Safety Net **- Calleigh/Eric, Calleigh/Ryan  (FRK+), het
- Needing to Know ** - Eric/Horatio   (FRM), slash
- Before You Were Mine **- Eric/Ryan  (FRM), slash

- Waking Up Is Hard To Do **- Flack/Hawkes  (FRM), slash

Harry Potter
- Because Eliot Got It Wrong** - James/Sirius, (mention of) James/Lily  (FRK+), slash, het

High School Musical
 - Troy/Chad - Chad Was, Too. ^
    (FRT), slash
      - Chapter 1 **

Ninja Turtles
- I Love You is 8 Letters ** - Raph/Leo  (FRT), Turtlecest


- Can't Catch Me ** - AC/Clark  (FRT), slash
- Chocolate ** - Chloe/Oliver  (FRT), het

- Benevolent, He Is Not ** - Edward/Jacob  (FRT), slash
- Once ** - Edward/Jacob  (FRT), slash
- Love Is Not a Victory March ** - Emmett/Paul  (FRM), slash
- Be Your Pagan Angel ** - Edward/Jacob  (FRM), Slash
- Baby, You Ready to Play ** Jacob/Edward  (FRM), slash

Mix for Glee Big Bang

Title of fic: There's Always Brooklyn (Link to be provided)
Author: thelastpen

Title of Mix: In This City We Cannot Always See The Stars
Mix Maker: raingoddess2040

Please Note: 
- This post is incomplete. In the next week or two, there will changes made and possible cover art made, so please be advised. The songs shouldn't be changed, but I thought I'd let you know.
- Also, I like to post specific lyrics that are the reason I chose the songs, seeing as in some cases the entire song didn't convey everything I wanted it to.
- Here is the Mix of songs in no particular order and Link to the entirety. Links to the specific will be available by clicking the song title.

Not Just a Girl - She Wants Revenge
  - You're not just a girl, You're more like the air and sea, I want you so desperately, And nothing's gonna keep us apart

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not - She Wants Revenge
   - Felt too much, Did she feel a thing, Long dark hair, Never saw her cry, In two halves I was torn, My maybe love wouldn't try

Us - She Wants Revenge
   - All the hushed who's and why's, All the fiction and lies, All the tears and the laughs, Take a walk through the past, You and I hand in hand as we look at this thing called us

Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye ft. Kimbra
   - But you didn't have to cut me off, make out like it never happened and that we were nothing

I'm Still Here - John Rzenick
   - And what do you think you'd ever say, I won't listen anyway, You don't know me, And I want a moment to be real, Wanna touch things I don't feel, Wanna hold on and feel I belong.

Next Girl - The Black Keys
   - The look of the cake, It ain't always the taste, My ex girl she had, Such a beautiful face, I wanted love, But not for myself, But for the girl, So she could love herself

Only One I Know - Mark Ronson
  - The only one I see, Has turned her tongue into me

Falling For You - Jem
   - I can feel it, baby, I feel like I'm falling for you, But I'm scared to let go, I'm scared 'cause my heart has been hurt so

The Cave - Mumford & Sons
  - It's empty in the valley of your heart, The sun, it rises slowly as you walk, Away from all the fears, And all the faults you've left behind, The harvest left no food for you to eat, You cannibal, you meat-eater, you see, But I have seen the same, I know the shame in your defeat

Notes in Constellations - Chiodos
   - It's been a long, long night, You said you're mine, I felt so bad but I had to go, No she never wanted me to leave her behind, No she never wanted me to leave her

If I Fell  - Evan Rachel Wood (As seen and heard in Across The Universe)
   - If I give my heart yo you, I must be sure from the very start, That you would love me more than her

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap

Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Oasis
   - Hold up, Hold on, Don't be scared, You'll never change what's been and gone.  May your smile (may your smile), Shine on (shine on), Don't be scared (don't be scared), Your destiny may keep you warm

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Title: She
Author: raingoddess2040
Fandom: Smallville
Pairing: Mention of multiple, pre Chloe/[Clark]
Characters: Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent
Warning: AU(I mean it), pre-femslash, vague allusions to trangender character, language

A/N: This is a snippet from a longer fic I'm working on. Sorry if this isn't your cup of tea. It's all dialogue.

Pic Prompt:

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Title: Baby, You Ready to Play
Author: raingoddess2040 
Character(s): Jacob Black, Edward Cullen
Fandom(s): Twilight
Rating: FRM
Warning(s): slash, language, sexual talk
Spoiler(s): None, this is an AU.
Disclaimer: I don’t own it, which means you can’t sue me.

 A/N: Again, this was written a while ago for the twislash_100  drabble meme.... Just getting around to posting here. *fails*


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Be Your Pagan Angel...

Title: Be Your Pagan Angel
Author: raingoddess2040 
Character(s): Jacob Black, Edward Cullen
Fandom(s): Twilight
Rating: FRM
Warning(s): slash, angst, mentions of mental instability
Spoiler(s): None, this is an AU.
Disclaimer: I don’t own it, which means you can’t sue me.

 A/N: Written a while ago for the twislash_100  drabble meme.... Just getting around to posting here.


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Originally posted by lavenderfrost at ...WTF.
Well, there goes my good mood for the day.

NYTimes, the bastion of quality reporting, reported on the gang-rape of an 11 year-old girl in Texas  that's led to charges against 18 high-school boys so far - all well and good so far, right?  Shit like this NEEDS publicity to raise awareness. 

Only problem is, they repeated - without refutation or critical commentary - the claims that the girl brought the rape on herself because of the way she was dressed.

Choice Quotes (No cut b/c everyone needs to see this - DEAL.):

“It’s just destroyed our community,” said Sheila Harrison, 48, a hospital worker who says she knows several of the defendants. “These boys have to live with this the rest of their lives.  As opposed to the victim, who's gonna bounce back lickety-fucking-split, right?

Residents in the neighborhood where the abandoned trailer stands — known as the Quarters — said the victim had been visiting various friends there for months. They said she dressed older than her age, wearing makeup and fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s. She would hang out with teenage boys at a playground, some said.  TOTALLY BEGGING FOR IT.


Now, what's being said and done in this community is bad enough, but the NY Times should be fucking ashamed of themselves right now.

Here's how to contact NYT: )

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Title:  Christmas as I Know It
Prompt:  Candy Cane
Characters/Pairings:  Oliver Queen, Clark Kent, Lex Luthor
Rating:  PG
Words:  756
Warning:  slash
  It's not the whole story. There's a lot more to it than what I've told you, but it isn't the happiest story, either. So how 'bout we save it for later? It's Christmas after all.

A/N:  I FAIL AT LIFE!!! This would have been posted earlier but I went out for my birthday and had a couple of shots. Happy 20th to me!! Here it is anyway. Please read the note at the end.

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Fic for Smallearth Christmas Advent Calendar!!!

Title: A Christmas Tale
Pairings / Characters: Clex // Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Martha Kent
Rating: PG, if only for the slash
Words: 1,746
Warningslash, angst, bad writing
Summary: It's like something out a story book, with lovers cast to far afield, giving confession to the stars who know all their troubles and only wish for them to be shared with those mortals to who the confessors are bound. There should be a moral, but no one's ever sure to the end and the only one's who will know will have suffered for the foolishness of the main characters. And yet, we shall still read on. It is imperative that we reach the end. Or else we won't understand the story, at all.

Prompt pic:
Christmas Tree

A/N: I totally took this differently than may be expected, but I thought that the picture looked like it came from a Christmas Storybook, like my mom has. And so the fic is based not around a tree, but a book of stories. So sorry for my FAILURE.


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