hallucinogenic harbours hold those who've blown astray

while saltine cracker sailboats disappear into the sun

Dea Imbrium MMXL
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I'm your normal college student, I guess. I live on a teeny (21 square miles) island called Bermuda. I hate that it's so small, and yet couldn't imagine myself living anywhere that's any bigger, because I would most likely just get up, go out and get lost in it all. I'm one of those people who can stand beside you and not know you're there. I'm also that person that you call up or text or email or write because they always have good advice or because they don't, but either way they make you feel better. I don't have to many hang-ups. The only one I can think of is 'hate'; I just don't understand it. I also have a bit of a hang-up about religions because I don't really get them too well. I try to avoid any talk of my faith in general. I love to write and read and pretty much every thing it says in my likes, I like. My journal's mostly gonna be fanfiction, original fiction or just journal stuff. Don't expect too much or too little, just let it flow over you and figure it out after.